Monitoring & Documentation

Monitoring & Documentation Crackdown on popular Saudi influencers and creators, with harsh sentence for hit producer
The Saudi-American filmmaker Masameer, Abdulaziz al-Muzaini, has called out the Saudi authorities for secretly sentencing him to 13 years in prison to be followed by a 30-year travel ban.
Monitoring & Documentation As hajj death toll rises to more than 1,300, NGOs call on Saudi authorities for transparency 
The Saudi authorities’ slow, limited and defensive response to the shocking death toll during this year’s hajj pilgrimage is serious cause for alarm.
Monitoring & Documentation Saudi Arabia: NGOs renew call for lifting of the illegal travel ban on women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul
The undersigned organisations call on Saudi Arabia’s authorities to immediately lift the illegal travel ban imposed on woman human rights defender Loujain al-Hathloul.
Monitoring & Documentation Missing prisoner Mohammed al-Qahtani’s family reject Saudi Human Rights Commission cover-up
The wife of leading Saudi human rights defender Mohammed al-Qahtani has issued a statement categorically denying a Saudi official’s claim that he was recently in contact with his family.

Advocacy & Campaigns

Advocacy & Campaigns 56th session of the UN Human Rights Council: ALQST and partners address dire human rights situation in Saudi Arabia
As the second week of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC)’s 56th session comes to an end, ALQST thanks our partners for our collaboration to bring human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia to the HRC's attention.
Advocacy & Campaigns Waleed Abu al-Khair to receive Anna Dahlbäck award for 2024
ALQST is delighted that detained Saudi human rights defender Waleed Abu al-Khair has been chosen to receive the Anna Dahlbäck Foundation Memorial Fund bursary for 2024.
Advocacy & Campaigns Saudi Arabia Falls Short of Respecting Migrants’ Rights: Human Rights Organizations Call for Urgent Action
The interactive dialogue with the special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants at the United Nations Human Rights Council on June 25 2024 should condemn the situation of migrants’ rights in Saudi Arabia.
Advocacy & Campaigns ALQST’s top 10 tips for the incoming UK government on leveraging Saudi human rights improvements
Following the UK general election on July 4, ALQST urges UK MPs to make more robust use of the UK’s close ties with Saudi Arabia to actively promote human rights there.


Reports The Soaring Fantasy, The Harsh Reality: Human Rights in Saudi Arabia in 2023
ALQST’s latest annual report documents the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia in 2023.
Reports The Saudi Human Rights Commission: a Whitewashing Tool of the Kingdom
This comprehensive report finds clear evidence pointing to the SHRC's alignment with the government’s interests, and its exploitation as a tool to whitewash the Kingdom’s egregious human rights record.
Reports Submission to the fourth UN Universal Periodic Review of Saudi Arabia
ALQST for Human Rights’ submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council on the 4th cycle of Saudi Arabia’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR).
Reports The Dark Side of Neom: Expropriation, expulsion and prosecution of the region’s inhabitants
"The Dark Side of Neom" details the vicious campaign against members of the Huwaitat tribe who objected to their forcible eviction in 2020 for construction of a futuristic megacity, Neom. 

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