Monitoring & Documentation Human rights activist Noha al-Balawi has been held in detention for 17 days, and the Saudi authorities are giving out misinformation about her
At 12:00 noon on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 the Saudi authorities detained a relative of social and human rights activist Noha al-Balawi as someone who was related to Noha and knew her well.
Monitoring & Documentation Terrorism court hands down seven- and 14-year jail sentences for starting a human rights group
This morning, January 25, 2018, the Specialised Criminal Court (SCC) handed down jail sentences for rights activist Abdullah al-Atawi and Mohamed al-Oteibi.
Monitoring & Documentation New Saudi terrorism law: More of the same, still deeply flawed and wide open to abuse
ALQST has analysed the text of Saudi Arabia’s new Law on Combating Crimes of Terrorism and its Financing, which came out on November 1, 2017.
Monitoring & Documentation As Saudi authorities launch PR campaign, war on freedom of expression reaches zenith
The number of people arrested, among them women, has seen a swift upsurge in the kingdom.
Monitoring & Documentation Crackdown continues with waves of arrests, purpose still unclear
Over the past week the Saudi authorities have detained a number of preachers, writers and activists in an as yet unexplained wave of arrests.  
Monitoring & Documentation “ACPRA trials” come to an end, with sentences totalling 199 years in prison terms and travel bans as well as other punishments
Saudi judiciary brings “ACPRA trials” to a close with confirmation of the final sentence against Abdulaziz al-Shubaily.
Monitoring & Documentation A new era, and steps that should be taken
The Saudi people and human rights supporters everywhere are looking for radical changes regarding human rights in Saudi Arabia.
Monitoring & Documentation Qatar extradites activist to Saudi after Norway grants asylum
Qatar has extradited the prominent Saudi human rights defender Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Otaibi to Saudi Arabia.
Monitoring & Documentation Prisoners tortured for posting videos
ALQST has learned of a number of prison inmates being moved to solitary confinement and subjected to beatings and torture.
Monitoring & Documentation Saudi Arabia: Death sentence passed on mentally ill man, Ahmad bin Freih al-Shammari
On Saturday, April 23, 2017, in the General Court in Hafr al-Batin, Saudi Judge Abdulaziz al-Lahem sentenced Ahmad bin Freih al-Shammari to death.  
Monitoring & Documentation Dina Alaa
Saudi authorities drag fleeing Saudi woman back to KSA from Philippines, arrest activist showing solidarity.
Monitoring & Documentation The conditions in Saudi Arabia’s severely overcrowded and disease- and crime-ridden prisons
Reports reaching ALQST point to a sharp increase in the spread of infectious diseases in Saudi prisons.
Monitoring & Documentation International Migrants Day – 18 December 2016
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an estimated population of 31million with almost a third being migrant workers.
Monitoring & Documentation Mohamed al-Oteibi and Abdullah al-Atawi appear before the Specialised Criminal Court
Activists Mohamed bin Abdullah al-Oteibi and Abdullah bin Modhi al-Atawi were informed of a case against them in the Specialised Criminal Court (SCC).
Monitoring & Documentation Khaled al-Omair
Khaled bin Suleiman al-Omeir has gone on hunger strike in protest against his continuing detention after the expiry of his eight-year prison term.
Monitoring & Documentation Abuses continue amid mounting repression
The Saudi authorities are continuing their relentless crackdown on human rights activists and civil society supporters.