Monitoring & Documentation Dr. Saud Mukhtar Al-Hashmi is suffering from health issues and is in urgent need of medical attention.
Al-Hashmi’s health has seriously deteriorated due to ill-treatment in prison.
Monitoring & Documentation Waleed Abu al-Khair goes on hunger strike becauseof ill-treatment in prison
Saudi human rights activist Waleed Sami Abu al-Khair has embarked on an open-ended hunger strike, which he will maintain until the management at Jeddah Prison stops abusing him.
Monitoring & Documentation Abdulaziz al-Shubaili gets 8-year sentence: ACPRA update and background
The sentencing on May 29, 2016 of human rights activist Abdulaziz al-Shubaili to eight years in jail highlights once again the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s harsh treatment of peaceful dissent and civil activity.
Monitoring & Documentation ID cards revolution: Jaber al-Amri jailed for seven years
The Saudi authorities continue to clamp down on social media and wage war on freedom of expression as if it were an act of terrorism.
Monitoring & Documentation Mohanna al-Hubail
Mohanna Abdulaziz al-Hubail, Director of the Islamic Orient Studies Bureau instanbul, is a Saudi researcher, social activist and writer on contemporary Islamic thought and regional affairs.
Monitoring & Documentation Issa al-Hamid, sentenced
Issa al-Hamid, a founding member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), an independent human rights group, was sentenced on April 24, 2016 to nine years in prison.
Monitoring & Documentation Trials Notebook
Trials Notebook
Monitoring & Documentation Abdulaziz Al-Senaidi sentenced to eight years in prison
Human Rights defender Al-Senaidi has been sentenced to eight years in prison, followed by an eight year travel ban upon release and a $13,300 fine.
Monitoring & Documentation Dr. Abdulrahman al-Hamid sentenced to nine years in prison
Founding member and president of ACPRA, Dr. Al-Hamid has been sentenced to nice years in prison followed by a nine year travel ban upon release and a $13,300 fine.
Monitoring & Documentation Abdulkareem Al-khoder
Abdulkareem Al-Khoder is the latest member of ACPRA to be sentenced by the SCC to 10 years in prison.
Monitoring & Documentation Syrians Residing in Saudi Arabia
Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011, more than 45 per cent of the Syrian population has been displaced.
Monitoring & Documentation Drugs in Saudi Prisons
Prisons are places meant to reform and rehabilitate its inmates. They are known as Correctional Institutions in the Kingdom.
Monitoring & Documentation Human rights activist Mikhlif Al-Shammari sentenced to 2 years in prison
Human rights activist Mikhlif Al-Shammari has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and 200 lashes for associating with Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia.
Monitoring & Documentation Wajdi Al-Ghazzawi
Since August 2012, Al-Ghazzawi has been detained at a Mecca Prison in Saudi Arabia after returning from Egypt where he set up home for many years.
Monitoring & Documentation Isa Marzouq Alnakhefi
Isa Marzouq Alnakhefi is a social and human rights activist who spent nearly two years in prison in Mecca due to his involvements in human rights activism and other social issues.
Monitoring & Documentation Tawfiq Al Amer
During this current August, the Specialised Criminal Court ruled on Tawfiq Al Amer, a cleric and political activist, to a sentence of eight years.