ALQST is an independent non-governmental organisation that advocates for human rights. We monitor and document human rights violations that occur in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the hands of authority figures.

Our Aim:

ALQST’s aim is to fight against violations that are carried out in the country by authority figures. By doing so, the value of human rights, dignity and fairness for all shall be reached.

We defend fundamental rights for all without any distinctions of race, sex, gender, colour, religion or language.

Our Work:

At present, we have two teams internationally.

KSA Team:

The team inside of Saudi Arabia collects information and data on the ground, from all over the country. They communicate with our supporters inside of Saudi Arabia and conduct interviews with victims of violations, their families and other witnesses. Once they have collected the information, it is sent to our London team.

London Team:

Our London team writes reports and news updates based on the information provided by the KSA team. They conduct research and studies to further human rights. They also research and write reports based on local, national and international news reports. They communicate with other NGO’s and our supporters at home as well as internationally.

Both teams monitor human rights violations and lobby against them using peaceful and legal methods.

ALQST conducts courses and seminars for the purpose of educating others about human rights and dignity. These courses and seminars are aimed at individuals of Saudi origin and also those who have a keen interest in the area. Details of upcoming courses and seminars shall be published on the News page.

*If you or someone you know is a victim of human rights violations by an authority figure, you can report your issue to us IN FULL CONFIDENCE through ourAbuse Claim Form’. We endeavour to assist you and your case within a timely manner. We will contact you through a method in which you prefer and at a time convenient to you. We strive to help protect those directly experiencing human rights abuses.

Our Arena:

ALQST is currently working against human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and could extend the arena depending on future changes. ALQST has elected to concentrate its work in Saudi Arabia as there are, at present, no non-governmental organisations in Saudi Arabia.

Our Team:

It is ALQST’s policy that our team members in both teams shall stay anonymous at all times for their own security. ALQST shall only ever publish the name of our organisation’s Head and those required by law.

Yahya Assiri

Yahya Ibrahim Assiri, is a Saudi Arabian human rights activist. Yahya has assisted several human rights organisations and participates in a number of courses and seminars relating to human rights. He has a Masters degree in Human Rights and Political Communications from Kingston University, London and has a Bachelor’s degree in Administration.

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Hesa al-Madi, Researcher  

Hesa al-Madi is a human rights activist based in Sweden. She previously worked in Saudi Arabia as a Director of Programmes and Studies in the Department of Guidance for Female Students, in the Ministry of Education, and obtained a PhD in Student Guidance and Counselling in 2009.   


Phone: +46 765938856

Twitter: @drhussahmm

Sahar Al-Faifi, Events Consultant  

Sahar Al-Faifi is a molecular geneticist by training and community activist by passion. Sahar’s activism focuses on seeking to unlock the power of civil society, widen the Muslim participation and engagement and build a broad-based alliance for different campaigns that include human rights, welcoming refugees, living wage, anti-racism and anti-Islamophobia. She is also a blogger at Huffington Post, written for the Independent and participated in many TV shows and debates.

Twitter: @SaharAlFaifi

Joshua Cooper, Deputy Director  

Before joining ALQST, Josh Cooper worked as Membership and Information Officer at the Council for Arab-British Understanding (Caabu), and as a volunteer for Amnesty International’s Gulf team.  

He has a undergraduate degree in Arabic and Middle East Studies from Exeter University and a masters degree in the Politics of Conflict, Rights and Justice from SOAS University, with his dissertation focusing on human rights in the Gulf.


Phone: +44 7757286560

Twitter: @joshcooperate

Drewery Dyke, Media Director  

Drewery Dyke is a Fellow of the UK’s Foreign Policy Centre and co-founded the UK-registered human rights organisation, Rights Realization Centre, in May 2018. He worked as a Researcher for Amnesty International between 1999-2017, where he focused in Iran, Afghanistan; countries in the GCC and statelessness. 

He has a broad-based contact base in the region, and speaks Persian and French. He is a regular commentator on TV and radio, and gives frequent talks around the UK and at international conferences. 


Phone: +44 7800989221

Twitter: @drewerydyke.