Saudi greets 2016 with 47 executions

  On Saturday, January 2, 2016 the Saudi authorities announced that they had executed 47 prisoners in various cities across the Kingdom in one single day The government’s official statement said that in 43 cases the type of punishment had been ‘ta’zir’ – at the judge’s discretion, and in four it had been the prescribed Continue Reading


Why it is important the Saudi Arabia signs and ratifies the UN Refugee Convention? Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011, more than 45 per cent of the Syrian population has been displaced. Of the 6.5 million displaced, 4 million have sought refuge in other countries. 95 per cent of these Continue Reading

Drugs in Saudi Prisons

Prisons are places meant to reform and rehabilitate its inmates. They are known as Correctional Institutions in the Kingdom.

ALQST have been receiving reports from Saudi prisoners and their families, and even prison guards, hospital staff and people working in the Saudi courts and prosecution service, that Saudi Arabia’s these prisons are severely overcrowded, rife with disease, crime, harassment – and more importantly..drugs.


Wajdi Al-Ghazzawi

Wajdi Al-Ghazzawi Since August 2012, Al-Ghazzawi has been detained at a Mecca Prison Since August 2012, Al-Ghazzawi has been detained at a Mecca Prison in Saudi Arabia after returning from Egypt where he set up home for many years. His occupation has varied over time and includes being a media consultant, a prominent scholar, a Continue Reading

Human Rights Situation for the First Quarter

الحالة الحقوقية في السعودية حتى مارس 2015 A summary of the human rights situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first quarter of 2015 Human rights are rights that are inherent to all human beings, whatever ones nationality, place of residence, sex, ethnic origin, religion, language or any other status is. They are Continue Reading


Human Rights Situation in Saudi Arabia 2014 Instead of improving, the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia has steadily deteriorated in recent years. Frustration is growing among Saudi citizens who see no prospect for any sort of reform on the part of the government. The ranks of prisoners of conscience have steadily increased in recent Continue Reading

Saudi Arabia’s War on Freedom

حرب على الحرية أم حرب على الإرهاب؟ A report on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ‘War on Terror’ and the decline of human rights. The War on Terror or the War on Freedom?   To the Saudi People: Remain peaceful and seek your rights by all legitimate means and do not let oppression lead you to Continue Reading