Human rights under King Salman and his son Crown Prince Mohammad

عربي READ THE FULL REPORT  Second ALQST Annual Conference 10 December, 2018 International Day of Human Rights Introduction Saudi Arabia has a monarchical system of government in which the descendants of King Abdulaziz hold a monopoly on power. There is no popular participation in government, nor any oversight or accountability for the actions, decisions or Continue Reading

ALQST renews its call to recognise the achievements of Saudi human rights activists

  عربي   On 29 May 2018, following the Saudi authorities most recent wave of arbitrary arrests – of women’s rights activists – ALQST launched a campaign calling on, amongst others, partner NGOs, national governments and human rights supporters all over the world, to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s human rights heroes by nominating them for awards Continue Reading

Failure to make any commitment before key United Nations human rights body is a failure of leadership and betrays the Saudi Arabian people

عربي     Failure by Saudi Arabian officials to give any response to recommendations made by other UN member states on 5 November shows that it is business as usual.   ALQST condemns the decision by the government of Saudi Arabia to delay making any commitment to recommendations made by other United Nations (UN) Human Continue Reading

Alqst and Over 160 groups call for accountability following murder of journalist and widespread arrest of women’s rights defenders

عربي Saudi Arabia:Kingdom must be held to account for suppression of dissent, following murder of journalist and widespread arrest of women’s rights defenders 26.10.18     Recognising the fundamental right to express our views, free from repression, we the undersigned civil society organisations call on the international community, including the United Nations, multilateral and regional Continue Reading

Saudi government to show videos it claims are proof of three groups seeking to overthrow regime

عربي in a powerful bid to stamp out human rights work and calls for reform, and to criminalise all opposition activity       As the Saudi authorities continue their campaign of mass arrests, affecting many sectors of society but focused on human rights activists, advocates of reform and anyone else the authorities think might Continue Reading

UN expert: Saudi government must stop using counter-terrorism laws to stifle peaceful dissent

عربي   Saudi Arabia has clearly misused counter-terrorism strategies for the purpose of stifling political dissent, suppressing opposition and silencing calls for reform by peaceful critics, according to the UN Special Rapporteur on protecting human rights while countering terrorism, Ben Emmerson QC. Those who peacefully exercise their right to freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia Continue Reading

Torture on the rise in Saudi prisons, as Dr Musa al-Qarni’s condition deteriorates

عربي     ALQST has observed a sharp increase in the practice of torture and other forms of ill-treatment in prisons and detention centres in Saudi Arabia.  The recurrence of similar methods of torture across different prisons and detention centres strongly suggests that this increased use of torture is being methodically applied and that the Continue Reading

Human Rights Situation in Saudi Arabia 2017

العربي   Human Rights Situation in Saudi Arabia 2017 Annual review  2017 READ THE FULL REPORT [button href=”” size=”medium” color=”#932f20″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]Download PDF[/button] [button href=”” size=”small” color=”#962821″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]حمل بالعربي[/button] Introduction and general overview: The Saudi authorities are continuing their persistent violations of human rights, while gambling that time is on their side.  They are pressing ahead Continue Reading

Review of Saudi Arabia before a Women’s Rights UN Committee: The failure of a PR show orchestrated by the Saudi government

عربي On March 12th, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) published its recommendations on Saudi Arabia, addressing some of the serious concerns raised by FIDH, its member organisation GCHR and Al Qst about the appalling situation of Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs). The Committee urged Saudi Arabia to stop repressing Continue Reading