Founding member and president of ACPRA, Dr. Al-Hamid has been sentenced to nice years in prison followed by a nine year travel ban upon release and a $13,300 fine Al-Hamid was sentenced by the Specialised Criminal Court, the SCC, set up in 2008 to deal with terrorism cases only. His offences include: Inciting against public Continue Reading


عبدالكريم الخضر   Abdulkareem Al-Khoder is the latest member of ACPRA to be sentenced by the SCC to 10 years in prison Al-Khoder, is one of the co-founders of ACPRA, a human rights defender and a former profession in Islamic Jurisprudence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was originally sentenced to eight years in Continue Reading


مخلف الشمري Human rights activist Mikhlif Al-Shammari has been sentenced to 2 years in prison and 200 lashes for associating with Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia. The Court of Appeal in Dammam has upheld the judgement against Al-Shammari in November 2014. The initially judgement had been altered from stating that he was sentenced due to Continue Reading

Wajdi Al-Ghazzawi

Wajdi Al-Ghazzawi Since August 2012, Al-Ghazzawi has been detained at a Mecca Prison Since August 2012, Al-Ghazzawi has been detained at a Mecca Prison in Saudi Arabia after returning from Egypt where he set up home for many years. His occupation has varied over time and includes being a media consultant, a prominent scholar, a Continue Reading

Isa Marzouq Alnakhefi

عيسى النخيفي Isa Marzouq Alnakhefi (Aesa al-Nukhaifi) Update 30 December 2016: Issa al-Nukhaifi arrested, interrogated on his tweets about ACPRA, other prisoners of conscience and his online “People’s Parliament” idea pic.twitter.com/3UXaEgyUdN — القسط ALQST (@ALQST_ORG) December 30, 2016     Update 18 December 2016 BREAKING NEWS: Aesa al-Nukhaifi has been arrested هام:#اعتقال_عيسى_النخيفي بعد استدعائه للتحقيق، ويمثل Continue Reading

Tawfiq Al Amer

توفيق العامر During this current August, the SCC ruled on Tawfiq Al Amer to a sentence of eight years Update 26/02/2015: In January 2015, the Specialised Criminal Court of Appeal in Saudi Arabia upheld the sentencing decision of the SCC in the case of Al Amer. Al Amer was sentenced to 8 years in prison, followed Continue Reading

Waleed Sami Abu Al-Khair

  Waleed Sami Abu al-Khair, Lawyer and Human Rights Activist. Founder and Director of Monitor of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia. Update 20/04/2015: On the 20th of April 2015 the prison cell of detained activist Abu al-Khair had been searched and his personal belongings vandalized. He was also assaulted warranting medical attention at the prison hospital. Al-Khair Continue Reading


عبدالعزيز الغامدي On the 8th of April 2014, human rights defender Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi was arrested by members of the General Intelligence Directorate of Saudi Arabia (GID), following a violent raid at his residence. During the violent raid, Al-Ghamdi’s 10 year old nephew was assaulted and GID refused to produce search warrants. They charged into his Continue Reading

Suliaman Al-Rashudi

Suliaman Al-Rashudi is a 77 year old lawyer and an ex Saudi judge. The Saudi authority arrested Suliaman in 1993 and 1995 and for more than 3 years he was held in custody without any charge or trial. 69Action Taken Suliaman Al-Rashudi is a 77 year old lawyer and an ex Saudi judge. The Saudi Continue Reading


Dr. Saud Mukhtar Al-Hashmi is one of the Jeddah Reformists that refused to agree to a Royal Pardon in 2012 Al-Hashmi was arrested on the 2nd of February 2007 along with five other activists, all of which were subject to ill treatments by the authorities. Later, a further ten activists were arrested in Jeddah and Medina. They Continue Reading