Isa Marzouq Alnakhefi

عيسى النخيفي Isa Marzouq Alnakhefi (Aesa al-Nukhaifi) Update 30 December 2016: Issa al-Nukhaifi arrested, interrogated on his tweets about ACPRA, other prisoners of conscience and his online “People’s Parliament” idea — القسط ALQST (@ALQST_ORG) December 30, 2016     Update 18 December 2016 BREAKING NEWS: Aesa al-Nukhaifi has been arrested هام:#اعتقال_عيسى_النخيفي بعد استدعائه للتحقيق، ويمثل Continue Reading

Tawfiq Al Amer

توفيق العامر During this current August, the SCC ruled on Tawfiq Al Amer to a sentence of eight years Update 26/02/2015: In January 2015, the Specialised Criminal Court of Appeal in Saudi Arabia upheld the sentencing decision of the SCC in the case of Al Amer. Al Amer was sentenced to 8 years in prison, followed Continue Reading