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Isa Marzouq Alnakhefi

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عيسى النخيفي Isa Marzouq Alnakhefi (Aesa al-Nukhaifi) Update 30 December 2016: Issa al-Nukhaifi arrested, interrogated on his tweets about ACPRA, other prisoners of conscience and his online “People’s Parliament” idea — القسط ALQST (@ALQST_ORG) December 30, 2016     Update 18 December 2016 BREAKING NEWS: Aesa al-Nukhaifi has been Read more

Tawfiq Al Amer

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توفيق العامر During this current August, the SCC ruled on Tawfiq Al Amer to a sentence of eight years Update 26/02/2015: In January 2015, the Specialised Criminal Court of Appeal in Saudi Arabia upheld the sentencing decision of the SCC in the case of Al Amer. Al Amer was sentenced to Read more