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How you can help ALQST

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ALQST, is an independent, non-governmental organisation. We do not only reveal grave human rights violations and abuses that are occurring, but we also aim to carry out other activities such as conducting courses and seminars for the purpose of educating others about human rights and dignity. There are many ways Read more

The Jeddah Reformers

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The story of the Jeddah reformists is a long and ongoing one. Activists that have decided not to sign an apology and pledge to obtain a “Royal Pardon” face a long and hefty jail sentence. This story began on the 2nd of February 2007 when the Saudi authorities raided Essam Read more

Suliaman Al-Rashudi

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Suliaman Al-Rashudi is a 77 year old lawyer and an ex Saudi judge. The Saudi authority arrested Suliaman in 1993 and 1995 and for more than 3 years he was held in custody without any charge or trial. 69 Action Taken 2/02/2007 Suliaman Al-Rashudi is a 77 year old lawyer Read more