Personal information

  • Sex: Female

Nora al-Qahtani was arrested because of her anonymous twitter account. She is a mother of five, including a 10-year-old disabled daughter who suffers from a genetic disorder that causes developmental disabilities.

Arrest and jail information

  • Date of arrest: 4 July 2021

Trial information

  • Charges: Use of the information network and an electronic device on the social networking site (Twitter) to incite participation in the activities of those who seek to disturb public order, destabilize the security of society and the stability of the state, and publish false and malicious tweets; following those who seek to disturb the national unity, publishing their posts and joining a group on the social networking site (Twitter) and following them on the social networking site (YouTube); insulting the symbols of the state and its officials; demanding the release of detainees; possession of a forbidden book
  • Court: Specialised Criminal Court (SCC)
  • Verdict: 45 years in prison without suspension, to be followed by a travel ban of the same length.
  • Date of verdict: 9 August 2022


  • Arbitrary arrest/ detention ,
  • Enforced disappearance ,
  • Denied contact with family


  • 3 April 2023 - The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention concluded that al-Qahtani’s detention was arbitrary, and urged the Saudi authorities to release her and grant her the right to compensation and reparations.
  • 9 August 2022 - The Court of Appeal increased her sentence to 45 years in prison, to be followed by a travel ban of the same length 
  • 16 February 2022 - The Specialised Criminal Court (SCC) sentenced her to 13 years in prison 
  • 4 July 2021 - She was arrested 

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